Who We Are
          We started this page three years ago when we moved to Chiba, Japan to participate in the JET program, teaching English in senior high schools. During the two years we lived in Japan, we traveled all over the country by train, bus, shinkansen, ferry, and finally, car. You can follow our adventures through our photo diaries, galleries, and other pages detailing (often excruciatingly) our daily life in Japan, as well as special events like festivals, fireworks, and trips to love hotels.
          After returning to America last year and rejoining the goodkittens Ra and Neko, Brenda entered a PhD program specializing in religions of Japan, and Justin started a new career with a growing internet company in Silicon Valley. However, our love affair with Japan was far from over- and we have continued this site to chronicle our new adventures both in Japan and other international locations- including America.

Adventures with a JR Rail Pass: a girl and a guidebook take on Japan
With one left week in Japan and her classes at Yamasa finished, Brenda decided to use her Japan Rail Pass to travel Japan, one prefecture at a time. The first day, she went to the cozy little Pottery town of Tokoname. She traded recipes with a woman from Korea and made sake toasts at a youth hostel in Kyoto. She got buried in hot sand near her minshuku in Beppu, an onsen tourist haven in the western island of Kyuushu. She shopped at the morning market in Takayama, slept at a business hotel in Gifu in the heart of the shopping district, and spent her last night at a Narita ryokan where she met up with some teacher friends from Chiba for one last unforgettable sushi meal.  Enjoy the photos!
Brenda Continues Life in Japan!
Brenda continued to enjoy her experience in Okazaki, Japan- playing with her new friends and visiting ones from years past. Highlights of August included visiting Nara's beautiful candlelit Kanto Matsuri with Masumi, exploring Kyoto on her own, hiding from a typhoon at a real live haus de Germans, and exploring new culinary adventures, all while studying Japanese with a great new class of Yamasa students from Taiwan, Italy, Korea, and even Australia. More photos to be added later, as time allows.  View the photos of her memorable experiences..
Brenda Returns to Japan!
On July 5th, Brenda set off on the long trip to Japan, where she would be starting a language program at the Yamasa school in Okazaki Japan. In the few weeks she’s been back in Japan, she’s enjoyed big city life in Nagoya on day trips with other students, visited friends in Nara, dressed in Yukata for Kyoto’s famed Gion Matsuri, and of course studied Japanese. These are some photo highlights from her life in Japan during the month of July.  Come view the photos..
Justin goes to India
This spring I (Justin) went to Bangalore, India. I was there for work to train the India support staff for my company. I had a great time and here are some of the pictures to prove it. On the weekends I visited Mysore and other cultural sites in south India with some of the guys from the India office. Take a look at the pictures!  see more...
Recent Updates
July 23, 2005 - Added a gallery for Brenda's pictures from Okazaki, Japan.
July 23, 2005 - Added a gallery for Justin's pictures from Bangalore, India.
May 1, 2005 - Added a virtual tour of our Mountain View apartment.
April 19, 2005 - Added pictures from Aaron and Masumi's wedding after a long time away.
Past Updates    
The Good Kittens

Heian Shrine in Kyoto, Japan We are a Seamaiden and a Libra Boy, married on June 8, 2002 and relocated to Japan in July 28th, 2002.

This web page tells you the story of our life in Japan as it unfolds.

We write it for all of our friends who can't visit us, or at least, can't visit us all the time.
New friends are welcome too.

You may ask, why are you good kittens? Do you have some kittens?

The real good kittens (Ra and Neko) are back with us in Mountain View, CA. They, and all our other friends and family, inspired us to make this site.

The Story of the Good Kittens

It's an old story, but still a good one.
Boy meets girl (or is it girl meets boy) at a summer Japanese language class at University.
Boy thinks girl is cute.
Girl thinks boy is cute.
They go on a date.
Boy kisses girl.
Girl swoons.
They go to Belgium, France, and Rome together.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says, "Of Course!"
They get married in Colorado, at a spot overlooking the mountains.
They pack up all their worldly goods, and follow their dreams to Japan.
Girl and boy live happily ever after, give or take a few cultural bumps in the road.

Engagement Photo: Trevi Fountain, Rome

In Japan it is:
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Mon Aug 3, 2:32am

The original GoodKittens, Ra and Neko.

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