We live in Chiba City, Japan. Chiba City is basically a commuter city for Tokyo. It takes about 35 minutes on the rapid train to get from Chiba station to Tokyo station and about an hour to get to Shinjuku and Shibuya, the government and entertainment centers of Tokyo. About 3 million people live in Chiba City and about 2 million of them work in Tokyo.

Take a virtual tour of our apartment HERE

Our apartment is a 2DK, two rooms plus a dining room and kitchen (and a bathroom, toilet, and shower, of course). We have one Japanese style room with tatami mats (woven rush grass mats) that we use as our bedroom with a futon (on the floor). Our living room is the same size as the bedroom and has our computers, TV, and sofa in it. The kitchen is large, but it has no built-in appliances so when we moved in we didn't even have a stove. My school bought a gas stove for us and we later bought an all-in-one microwave / oven / toaster oven / grill (broiler) / kitchen scale / cookbook device that we use all the time. We also have a large balcony with a decent view of the rooftops and fortunately if faces south so we get a lot of sunlight in the apartment. If we go up to the fire escape on a clear day we can easily see Mt. Fuji across the bay.


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