Unfolding the Scroll

Our life in Japan has been quite an adventure, ever since we got here on July 28th in 2002. We've chosen to tell our stories in two ways: in pictures with a keitai diary, and in pictures and words through monthly newsletters.

Ever since that first hotel night at the Keio Plaza in Shinjuku, Brenda has been writing newsletters to share our more memorable moments with our family and friends. These newsletters started out as brief updates, but soon grew into mammoth beasts with a life of their own.

Initially they had no pictures, but we started adding photograph illustrations and even entire galleries to give a truly visual impression of our life. Some readers might wonder how we have time to actually do the things in our newsletters, given the amount of time we put into writing about them. Since both of us have entire days with nothing to do at work, documenting our adventures has become a way to pass the time while reliving interesting moments.

We're looking forward to looking at them after we go back to America, and hopefully enjoying some nostalgia for the 'good old days' in Japan. We remind ourselves every time we become frustrated with the quirks of life overseas- You know, some day we'll look back on this and miss itů (though I don't expect to EVER miss Japanese bureaucracy.)
We were quite excited to purchase cell phones in Japan, because at the time their technology was far beyond the average phone available in the States. Many cell phones had built in cameras, with text messaging, email capability, basic web browsing, and video games. We ended up buying J-phone cell phones, largely because they offered bilingual English-Japanese instructions, and they were more affordable than their competition (Docomo).

We picked the lovely T-51 model in Silver, actually. Anyway, at first we didn't use our camera function all that much- it turned out to be a low resolution image, so not the best for capturing dynamic moments. But, Brenda resolved to find a use for hers- and then she saw molly's keitai diary page, and was inspired to make her own keitai diary. A keitai camera snapping maniac was born, and resulted in "seamaiden's" long-running (though occasionally neglected) keitai diary.

So enter the world of my keitai diary.


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