Yamasa ~ July 2005
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Due to space limitations, some images have been moved to Brenda's site, Seamaiden.net. Click here to see those images.

Aww I hate candid pix.jpg


Brenda and burnt finger vodka.jpg

Burenda and Kurara bike.jpg

Burenda dinner doitsujin.jpg

Burenda fixing bike.jpg

Burenda to Kurara lots of food.jpg

Burenda with hanbagaa neco.jpg

Burenda with second prize.jpg

Cheerleaders II.jpg

Cheerleaders and mascot.jpg


Chunichi team line-up.jpg

Chunichi v. Hiroshima.jpg

Clara and Pado.jpg


Diamond II.jpg


Dinner at Watami.jpg

Dinner party with doitsujin fob out.jpg

Fight Dragons.jpg

Fuji crater 2.jpg

Fuji crater.jpg

Fuji-san Night climb 2.jpg

Fuji-san Night climb 3.jpg

Fuji-san Night climb 4.jpg

Fuji-san Night climb.jpg

Fuji-san before the climb.jpg

Fuji-san climbing down 9.jpg

Fuji-san landscape.jpg

Fuji-san sunrise 2.jpg

Fuji-san sunrise 3.jpg

Fuji-san sunrise.jpg

Fuji-san view down.jpg


Image inside Nagoya jo.jpg

Inscription inside Nagoya jo 2.jpg

Inscription inside Nagoya jo.jpg

Jan Kitsune udon.jpg

Jan more kitsune udon.jpg

Joschi II.jpg


Kurara Kitsune udon.jpg

Kurara and Burenda refugee ghetto style.jpg

Kurara as refugee.jpg

Kurara to Banpaku bushes.jpg

Kurara to Zazou=onaji.jpg

Lukas Oh My Hair is so Studly.jpg

Lukas to Burenda dinner.jpg

Lukas to Joschi chillin.jpg

Lukas to oishii macha soft serve.jpg

Lukas with gohan.jpg.jpg

  Images 1 ~ 50 of 116
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