Newsletters about our life in Japan and as we travel in our car to far flung places in Japan.
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This Spring we enjoyed hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, in Kyoto with our friend Aaron and his lovely girlfriend Masumi. This story takes us from the ultramodern shinkansen to revolving sushi restaurants and kitsch print club booths- as well as to the ultimate in traditional- a moonlit, cherry blossom covered temple illuminated by lanterns and torches. We ate maccha ice cream in the heart of kyoto's shopping district, and bought tiny yukata (cotton kimonos), and handmade pottery painted with tiny pink blossoms. It was truly one of the most memorable experiences in our time in Japan, made even nicer by the company of friends.
April, 2004 - "Cherry Blossoms in the Plum Wine: a story of love, friendship, and farewells"

Past Issues
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September, 2003 - "Stoking the Fires of the Buddha: A Journey into Kitsch and Paradise in Nikko"
August, 2003 - "Traveling in the Footsteps of Basho: Finding Tohoku and Obon in August"
July, 2003 - "The Snowflake Quest a.k.a. finding a car in Japan"
July 14-15, 2003 - "Matsuri down the block"
February, 2003 - "Snow Day in Chiba"
January 13, 2003 - "Temple Torches at Midnight"
December 28, 2002 - "Wasabi Christmas"
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December 11, 2002 - "Operation Turkey Drop"
November 27, 2002 - "Article about My School in Japan"
November 9, 2002 - "Taicho Temples and Brenda the Orphan"
October 19, 2002 - "Irashaimasen in Japan"
October 6, 2002 - "Snapshot"
September 16, 2002 - "Brenda and Justin's Tokyo Newsletter"
September 10, 2002 - "Brenda and Justin's Nihon ni Newsletter"

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