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Bath and Shower Toilet (Water Closet) Microwave / Fridge Kitchen Washroom Sink Hall Dining Room Dining Room 2 Bedroom Bedoom (Tatami) Living Room (view 1) Living Room (view 2) Balcony
Entrance (Genkan)
This is where we take off our shoes and get ready to enter into our Japanese style home. I think our landlords would have a heart attack and die if we didn't take off our shoes, and I just couldn't do it to them. That and I have a deep rooted fear that the tatami would disintegrate like tissue paper if we put so much as a pointy shoe clad toe on it. You can see our nice long hallway, a Japanese language chart (designed for 3 year olds, how humiliating is that), and my robes hanging way down in our bedroom.

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