School Memories
Justin the ALT Justin the ALT
Justin teaches at Kotehashi High School in Chiba City Japan.
This picture of Justin was taken at one of the International Conferences we got shipped to as international English teachers. At these conferences, selected high school students go and get to participate in cozy activities like cooking curry rice over a campfire, enjoying craft play, and putting together group presentations. International college students, foreign Assistant language teachers, and English teachers get to stay overnight in barracks and "enjoy" a weekend together.
Justin and his predecessor Before Justin came to Japan in 2002, his school had a Canadian-Chinese woman named Charmene. She got a whole different perspective on Japan, since she looked Japanese but couldn't really speak Japanese. We met her the first week we were here, but she was pretty busy getting ready to go back home. Both Charmene and Justin had to compete with the legacy of previous wonder-bunny ALTs who had majored in education and created perfect lesson plans.
School Cultural Festivals are one of the biggest school events. The kids look forward to them for months, and spend countless hours preparing for them.
fliers evil nurses decorations
On the left you can see advertising fliers for home room booths. In the middle you can see two goofy students dressed up for their haunted horror room in theatrical nurse costumes. On the right you can see all the great decorations the kids make and put up in the halls. The school is transformed into a playground, but alas, only for a weekend- and afterwards it's back to business as usual.
taicho drum performance
This was taken at Justin's school's cultural festival last year. Students who belonged to the Taicho drum club performed in the school courtyard, to great effect. They did dancing and really got into the spirit of the drumming. We were so impressed!

me and some starbucks girls school cuties
ramen boys

This was also at Justin's school's culture festival. Here some kids were selling ramen and tried to get us to buy some. I think Justin finally caved in. He ate a lot during the festival- takoyaki, curry rice, spaghetti, ice cream, candy.... He made a lot of students very happy that day.

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